What's up? If you like my blog, awesome. If you don't, move along. The name "Anonymous Melancholy" does not mean my blog is depressing, it is just a name I thought would be easy to remember.


Just some of thoughts running through my head tonight/today (I have yet to sleep)

-Is someone missing me tonight?
-Does my family know how much I miss the way we used to be?
-Is there a point in keeping up a facade, for the “better” of everyone I know?
-Will they understand if I crumble? I don’t know if I can handle things for too much longer. I’m honestly hoping just posting all my shit on here helps me let out some of the frustration, and maybe meet some people who have an interest in the same thing(s) I do.

Girl: I love you
Me: Then why did you leave?
Girl: I hurt myself on your leg when I tried to leave
Me: But you smacked me in the face for nothing, so hard I almost fell over
Girl: That doesn’t count, I’m a girl.
Me: I told you not to push past me, I am a large person, and battling me physically, even if I don’t fight back, can hurt you… Please can we just leave this in the past and get back together?
Girl: No, you hurt me
Me: I have never intimidated you in any way, nor physically harmed you through my own power.
Girl: I was hurt by your body, it’s your fault.
Me:….. But you hit me in the face, and then acted like nothing happened.
Girl: IT DOESN’T MATTER. I am a girl.
Me: Alrighty then.

A simplified version of the conversation I just had with my ex… That’s pretty fucked up, right?

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I found this a few months ago. I’m no Commie, but the wallpaper is pretty sweet.

I found this a few months ago. I’m no Commie, but the wallpaper is pretty sweet.

Animals doing REALLY mean shit to each other, and a few clips of them being assholes to humans.